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How to get sun-kissed “natural” highlights

How to get sun-kissed “natural” highlights

Ok, so I’m not a surfer – but what girl or boy for that matter has not dreamed of having those beautiful highlights perfectly speckled through their hair. I just want my Baywatch moment! Sunset rays flickering on me as I carry my surfboard into the water… A girl can dream. Well it turns out it’s not so easy. It takes a hair ninja like Rianni Hustler from Jet Black Ginger and about 2.5 hours.

4 important things to know about hair color

• Did you know you’re not supposed to go in pool water before you dye your hair?

• You must let your hair specialist know if you have used boxed hair dye – it requires a different process, so speak up. Confess that you were cheating on your hair dresser with boxed dye.

• After-care for highlights? Well the sad truth is you should not go in pool water ever again. Since we live in Bali, we sure know we will go for a swim in the amazing beach club pools. Advice if you inevitably go in pool water then – make sure you rinse and apply conditioner after. 

• Apply toner to keep your new healthy looking hair as fresh as possible, do so every 3 weeks.

Love what you do.

happnow - Jet Black Ginger
happnow - Jet Black Ginger
Black Ginger name was chosen because Rianni thought: “If I am ever to have a girl, I will name her Ginger”, “and since this salon is like my baby I will call her Ginger”. I felt honored to get to know Rianni and the team and the salon vibe, and feel great. Now I’m off to walk into the sunset with carmel flakes in my hair.

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