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Morabito Art Villa

Morabito Art Villa

Morabito is not your usual sunset venue, it’s everything what you don’t expect so make sure you go with an open mind and an open heart and keep your eyes wide open, art is all around and behind you. Sunsets are magical at this new ecletic art villa. A visual wonderland for the eyes. Park yourself in a mini jacuzzi and let the sea breeze wash over you.

Wait for all the beautiful people to arrive, it’s like a parade and the later it gets the wilder the night. The DJ stage is a backdrop of the ocean waves. The garden is huge so don’t worry about not finding a place or space to sit or stand but with the music they play, you can barely keep your dancing feet still and easily get in the boogie mood. Expect the unusual, like ducks in the pool and mirrors on the ceiling and might not be your reflection you are seeing. Surpriseee.. 👻

With a brand new cocktail bar and updated cocktails and food menu, make sure you come with no further night plans and an empty belly because you won’t be leaving anytime soon. Believe us, we’ve been there and done that. And make sure you look around the venue and why not stay a night, they have stunning rooms available. Who could resist waking up with the sound of the ocean and start your day with a beach walk and a possible bellini in your hand. Oh yeah, that sound exactly like our plan. Come join us.

Instagram: @morabito


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